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Continuing Education
Life Health Collection: Focus on Medical Coverage
Section One: Ethics - The purpose of this section of the course is to examine the concept of ethics and how it relates to the insurance producer. It attempts to show how embracing a personal code of business ethics will guide the producer’s activities beyond that which are required (or prohibited) by law toward a higher level of service and success. Section Two: Long-Term Care - Long-term care consists of social and medical services to individuals who need assistance or supervisions due to a chronic or prolonged illness or a cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s. This section of the course provides an examination of long-term care insurance. It begins with an introduction to long-term care that defines long-term care and the many different providers and caregivers. Next, the need for long-term care is demonstrated through statistics compiled about our older population. Methods of paying for long-term care, including private and public sources are then described. The many features of long-term care insurance are detailed and then, types of long-term care insurance policies, including home care only, facility only, comprehensive, qualified and group long-term care policies are explained. This section of the course concludes with a look at some key concerns when working with customers, including fair dealing, disclosures and suitability issues. Section Three: Health Savings Accounts - This section of the course first explores the problem of the lack of affordable, accessible health care coverage. Next, tax-advantage plans that can be used to help provide health care benefits are considered. The purpose of Health Savings Accounts is then explained, followed by a detailed examination of Health Savings Accounts provisions and features. The section concludes by looking at when HSAs are the right solution for a business or an individual. Section Four: Managed Care Plans - This section examines the many facets of managed care plans. The history of managed care, important plan terms, types of managed care plans and an in-depth discussion of plan provisions are also included. The methods managed care plans use to reduce health care costs are reviewed, and the challenges faced by the industry are considered. The rules surrounding Medicare managed care plans are also included in this comprehensive look at managed care.
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